Sunday, January 12, 2014

Port St. Joe

Yesterday afternoon we made a short road trip to the neighboring town of Port St. Joe. There is a Piggly Wiggly there and we needed some groceries. We drove around the nice, clean little town and found the Sunset Grill where we decided to stop for an early dinner.

The place is aptly named because it looks out over the beach directly into the setting sun. One of their specials was grilled swordfish which I like but have not had the chance to eat for several years. I was set on grilled tuna before I was told of the specials but I am glad I switched. The tuna can wait. Norma ordered a half order of ribs. The swordfish was excellent and Norma claimed the ribs were truly falling off the bone. As usual she could only eat half of her half order and took the rest home.

This morning we woke to a sunny sky and low 60's temperatures. We were making plans to drive to the Panera Bread Bakery in Panama City but Norma saw figure skating on TV so we will put that trip off until tomorrow. I love retirement!


  1. We were planning a road trip today, but put it off until tomorrow. Nothing can't wait when you're retired if something else comes up.
    I remember Piggly Wiggly when I was a kid in N.D., but seems like they are only in the south now.

  2. So happy it's finally warmed up for you!

  3. Finally! I just walked to the garbage without a jacket. Big improvement!