Saturday, January 4, 2014

One New Ignition Switch Please

The Honda needs a new ignition switch. They have to order the part and it will be here Monday or Tuesday. The job will cost $379. They wanted to do a timing belt kit on it as well, something it should have but would be another $699 so we said no thanks. I should have done that done in Mexico for about $300. I thought of it but didn't do it. Maybe next time, if we still have the car. I can't complain, the Honda has not cost us anything above regular maintenance in 25 years and 300,000 KM other than the $300 Mexican paint job last year and shocks, brakes, mufflers, etc.

One problem is I will have different keys for the ignition and the doors. Something else to confuse me.

I called Enterprise Auto Rentals and they promised to be here by noon and it is now one. Hurry up and wait... At least my BCAA Road Service will pay for the rental.


  1. Your Honda has been a good car so really not too bad.
    We had the ignition switch replaced in our 2002 saturn last summer, about the same price.

  2. Not much luck so far this winter with all the breakdowns. We hope the rest of the season will be smooth sailing for you.