Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dinner Out

A few days ago Lyle and Liz, a couple from Vancouver Island who we met in Mexico a few years ago rode over on their bikes from their nearby park. They have been following the Blog and knew we were here. We had a nice short visit over a couple of beers and they invited us over to their park model for dinner last night.

It was a very fun, diverse group of their friends and neighbors which included a Republican ex-pat Canadian, a retired (Conservative) Canadian Navy and BC Ferry worker who seems to supplement his pensions with gambling, a retired couple from Calgary, their friend, a financial consultant from Alberta and Lyle, Liz, Norma and I who are all unabashed Socialists. Everyone behaved themselves and we had a very enjoyable time. Lyle cooked up some wonderful crab and spinach stuffed salmon on the BBQ.

One of the women was contemplating dental work in Mexico and I was able to give her a few tips. This morning I emailed her links to mine, Ricks and Don's blog pages where we detail our experiences. I hope this helps her come to the decision to take advantage of the savings in Mexico.

We got home at about 9:00 "Arizona Midnight", had a coffee and turned in. A great evening with great people!


  1. Given the assortment of political views present, I'm astounded that you guys didn't end up in a food fight - well done!

  2. Love the '9:00 "Arizona Midnight"'.

  3. home at about 9:00 "Arizona Midnight" - I heard it as snowbirds midnight - both fit.

  4. At the Palm Springs park lights started going out at 8:00 and by 10:00 even ours were out.

  5. So many funny things about your post Croft - coffee and then to bed is my favourite!