Saturday, March 21, 2015

Favorite City

Our friend Bill asked us a question when we were parked beside them. "Croft", he said, "Looking at the USA only, what is your favorite city of all you have visited?"

Well, we have two cities sharing top spot. In terms of subtle beauty, Savannah, GA is way out in front. It is one of the first planned cities in the US and it shows. A great River Walk, beautiful streets with oak trees dripping in Spanish Moss and parks every three blocks throughout the old city. Easy walking, friendly people and free "DOT" bus service that stops at all the interesting places. Add to this the $7 per night dry camping in the Tourist Center parking lot right in the midst of a great choice of restaurants and brew pubs and you have a really great place to spend a few days in the 'Old South'!

In terms of fun and food, I have to say Abbeville, LA! In the heart of Cajun Country, Abbeville is surrounded by the best places to eat that we have ever experienced! Real "down home" cooking in the unlikeliest of venues like old converted gas stations.  Abbeville is where we found the friendliest RV park in our travels as well. Betty's RV Park has no game rooms, pools or spa's but is 17 spaces crammed into Betty's yard with hardly the space to open your awning. What it gives up in perks it more than makes up for in atmosphere! There is a Happy Hour every night in a lean-to behind Betty's house where everyone brings a dish or snack. Betty, a real, live, registered Cajun is always there to talk about herself, her town and the best places to visit and most importantly - to eat!

So there you have it. Yes, there are hundreds of places we have yet to visit and these choices may one day be pushed out of first place but for now, there they are. Do a search on the blog and read all about our visits to these favorites or any other places.

What are your favorite cities?


  1. Patzcuaro for Mexico..... for the USA that is really really tough. I guess having just been there I'd say Bisbee but I feel bad leaving some other good ones out.

    1. Interesting. Bisbee is certainly in the running for second place for me. Patzcuaro is a beautiful city but it was so cold when we were there...

  2. New York City for me. Only been there twice, but each time I have wanted to return for more. I'd like to spend a month living there.

  3. Abbeville and Betty's Rv park it near the top of our list too, everything you said it is.

  4. Your choice would clearly be in our top 10. It is a great city with captivating history.

  5. well there you have it - you nailed two of my favorites as well... the only I would add would be favorite large city and Portland Oregon gets the win from me...

  6. I never knew that about Savannah. Looks like we'll have to go. $7 a night can't be beat unless it's free!

  7. Great question Bill and good post Croft. New York is my favorite USA city but non RV related. I can't count the number of times I have been since Grade 12. I love it for the high energy, the culture, most especially the theater and anything at Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera House.