Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lazy Days

Aside from shopping trips and a couple of swims, we have done very little in our first week in Mesa Village. This park has actual garbage cans at each site, a smaller one for garbage that is picked up every Friday and a larger recycle can that is picked up every two weeks. It is a great system, avoiding the seemingly endless treks to the garbage bin. I just have to learn what qualifies as "recyclable". It seems to be different everywhere.

It is Spring Break so the park (and pool) is filled with visiting grandchildren so that is also a nice change as most are well behaved.

I sent in the receipts for the parts to repair the fire damage at the last park in Hope, AZ but have not received an email reply yet. It was only $35 or so and is not a huge deal but they said they would pay. They got off easy as I am able to do all the labor myself. If I took it into a shop it probably would have been a couple of hundred dollars.

Our neighbor here, Shadowmoss, dropped over to ask us if we would like to go out for dinner with her and her friend Retired Rod! We jumped at the chance as he is yet another blogger I want to meet. They suggested Joe's Farm Grill which looks good to us as we have no preferences here, as long as they have fish for me and most do. This restaurant was once featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

You will remember Retired Rod's famous post on his crappy experience with his Roomba!

Here is a shot from the park, I promise to get more.


  1. Sounds like you are doing good keeping up with the demanding job of retirees. Nice they have a pool for Norma.

  2. You do sound like you are having a great time of it.

  3. If the Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa is still operating..You must go.. We went years ago and had a great time ..Pizza was good too.

    1. Thanks, we will. I have heard about this place before. I love pizza.

    2. Right around the corner from here. Maybe next week we'll go there...