Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Now What?

We will be leaving Desert Hot Springs on Saturday. I want to stop for a day or two in Hope, AZ to visit my blogging buddy Bill at the Rambling Roads RV Park. After that we want to head to the Mesa area, specifically the Eagle View RV Park in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Problem is they will not answer their phone at Eagle View. We have tried every hour from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM and keep getting their recording saying "your call is important....". Frustrating to say the least. They do not even show an email address. Their website reservation system shows they are full but based on our stay there last year, I suspect this is not correct. We will find out soon enough.

This is not a medical blog and I do not want it to become one but one thing happened to me I simply must pass on. You remember when I passed out from low blood pressure and got the ambulance ride to the hospital last summer? Well the heart specialist who examined me and told me there was nothing wrong with me also told me that my blood pressure was on the low side and said, "You will seldom hear a heart specialist say this but the next time this happens, don't call an ambulance but rather sit or lie down and have someone bring you salt water. This will raise your blood pressure quickly and you will once again have blood back in your head".

Well, walking down the street in Algodones the other day I suddenly felt light headed and became ultra sensitive to light, the same symptoms I had before I passed out. Norma was in a nail salon so I sat down and asked the woman if she had a glass of water and a salt shaker. With a funny look she watched me take the lid off the shaker and pour a good tablespoon into the water and stir it with my finger. She objected, telling me it was bad for me while I tossed it back. Within seconds I could feel a great improvement and a minute later I was back to normal.

Remember, this only works if you have LOW blood pressure. Try it if your blood pressure is high and you will have different results!


  1. Interesting solution to your health issues. Maybe you should be drinking more Margaritas or Caesars? If you get a chance to see us once you get to Fountain Hills, let us know.

  2. Like . . . explode? :) Glad you're fine. Good tip too.

    1. Possibly! I remember the bathrooms at work back in the 60's and 70's had salt tablet dispensers. I guess this is what they are for. I recall they dissapeared before the 80's when high blood pressure became a widespread problem.

  3. Great solution, glad it worked for you.

  4. Good prescription for low blood pressure.
    Wishing you both a good drive into Arizona.