Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Plans Completed

Everything is falling into place. We got an email back from Rambling Roads in Hope, AZ and they have a space for us on the 7th so we will meet our Blogging friend Bill. We then got a call back from Eagle View RV Park in Fountain Hills telling us they had no room because of the baseball Spring Training. I then called Vale Del Oro, another large park in Mesa and was told the same thing, everything is full up, no room in March.

I then remembered a commenter on the Blog who once told us that her park in Mesa usually had a spot or two available. I emailed her and she gave me a number to call which we did. Mesa Village is more of a residential community than an RV park but does have a nice pool and is central.

We booked for a month at their surprisingly reasonable rate of $450 a month including electricity starting on March 10. The weather in the Phoenix / Mesa area is going to be sunny and hot so we will be able to tune up our tans before making the run home.

Stay tuned, Life Is Good!


  1. I bet the tans are good already. Sounds like a great rate for the area.

  2. Sounds like you gonna have a great time, enjoy!

  3. Couldn't get any further away from us, could you? :)

    1. Never too far away Rod. We will come visit.

  4. Good news indeed. It is nice to get locked in reservations and to know where you will be and when. All the best with the future travel plans.

  5. Good to hear that you have a plan and a reservation.

  6. Long time blog follower we are in Mesa also will try to look you and Norma up