Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meineke and Hope

We pulled out of our spot at the Desert Oasis in Desert Hot Springs Saturday morning and headed for Meineke Car Care in Cathedral City. I still had the "Check Engine" light on that reappears every time I climb a steep hill towing the car. The first time it happened a mechanic read the code and told me it was a fuel delivery problem, that the V-10 was demanding more fuel than the fuel pump and lines could deliver. He reset the light and I didn't worry too much about it again except when it came on whenever I climbed another mountain.

This mechanic was different. I told him what I had been told and he said that was unlikely, he suspected another problem. He said a reset would cost me $40 but for $80 he would do a complete analysis and maybe even correct the problem. His scanner told him there was a lean fuel condition but only on one bank of cylinders. This told him it was not a general fuel problem but that likely a vacuum line had come off on the one side. He had one of his guys remove the doghouse and expose the engine. Sure enough a vacuum hose had popped off. He put it back on and added a clamp. I should not have this problem again.

We drove about four hours to Hope, AZ and the Ramblin Roads RV Park. The office was closed at 4:30 but we had arranged to rent the spot beside our blogging friend Bill From Nebraska so we knew where to go. We found the spot and also found Bill and his charming wife, Dee visiting neighbors. We backed in, hooked up the essentials and joined the Happy Hour. Soon we walked back to Bill and Dee's spot where Bill started making fish tacos for dinner for all of us. What a treat, no dinner to make after the drive.

Bill is another of those bloggers who you get to know on line and discover that everything you surmised from his online personality is exactly what you find when you meet in the flesh. It was less like meeting people for the first time and more like old friends getting together! They are a great couple and if you get a chance to meet them, do!

We spent the evening gabbing and sipping and finally headed for bed at the ridiculous hour of 1:00 AM! I suddenly remembered that I had set up the dish but had not tuned it in to the bird. So, out I went in my semi- inebriated condition, swung the dish to where I thought the satellite was and BANG, I had it! An unbelievable (considering my condition) 20 second setup.

We are all going into town for lunch later on. There is not much around this isolated park but the setting is beautiful! I will get some photos later.

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