Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Organ Stop Pizza

Organ Stop Pizza is on everyone's "must go" list when they visit Mesa. I have known about it for years but have never gone. Thankfully Shadowmoss and Retired Rod suggested it for dinner last night. Phyllis, the friendly pie making neighbor right behind us came along as well.

The place is huge, two floors packed with tables with the top floor overlooking the huge organ, blowers and pipes. The place was packed at six o'clock on Tuesday night. There is a professional player doing oldies but goodies as well as taking requests. I had decided to stay until he played from Phantom Of The Opera and I was not disappointed. We stayed through two long sets before giving up our table to people who were waiting to sit.

Norma was not too hapy with the last photo. She was talking instead of being ready to be photographed. Oh well, this is the only one I got of the group and it is going in the Blog!


  1. So glad you enjoyed the Organ Stop Pizza .I was sure you'd love it !!!. Maybe we'll run into you again this year at Jackpot , if that's your route home?...Carol

  2. Nice picture anyway.
    We used to have a restaurant in Toronto, The Organ Grinder, sounds very similar. To bad it closed down, loved going there.

  3. we meant to stop in there at least once but missed it, maybe next time...

    1. It is worth a visit John. Not bad pizza either!

  4. Croft you lead a charmed life amigo.

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  6. Norma didn't like the picture, but it looks like I was wistfully chewing away on a big piece of pizza...!! But I guess eating is my most natural state anyway.... Or talking when I should be listening..... Anyway thank you for the most enjoyable evening and the gracious purchase of our meal.... Rod