Friday, March 27, 2015

Quick Post

This will be very quick. I am in the park's computer room as my Internet is not working today for some reason.

We had a really nice visit with Rod and Sylvia in their park in Gold Canyon yesterday. Sylvia made a great lunch and then we walked around their park looking at the $100,000 plus park models that are selling there. We had been considering buying a place here as they are almost giving them away but the $435 per month pad rental turned us off as that is about the amount it costs us for gas and RV parks each winter and allows us to roam around. Maybe one day after a lot more considering... It was actually Sylvia (the accountant) talking about emotional purchases yesterday that got us second thinking. Thanks Sylvia.

Well, I am off. Norma sent me over here to print out a recipe.

Sylvia, Croft and Norma. A rose between two thorns!


  1. I live in a financial climate where $5,000 for a lot with services to the property and $23 a year for property taxes is 'giving it away' and $100,000 purchase price + $5,220 a year in service fees is 'reasonable, but I really need to think hard about this!' Amazing that that would just be an impulse purchase for some folks...

    Anyway, I don't see you being happy going back to the same place each year... You might get to a point though that you'll prefer to fly to a location and rent there each year.

    1. (And I should add that getting said $5K lot for $3.5K is 'stealing' in my book! :) )

  2. Don't do those impulse things, think about it a lot.
    I know we have a problem staying in one place for more than 2 weeks still after 9 years full timing.