Wednesday, January 30, 2008

872 People Have Read My Blog!

I can't believe that 872 people have visited my Blog since I put the counter on. The counter lets me see a lot of information on who is reading, such as where they are from, how they found me and how long they were here. People from all over the world are finding me, from Kiev, Peru, Philippines, Australia and China as well as the USA and Canada.

I started this to share some of our Mexico experiences with a few friends and relatives and look what it has become! It is all very humbling. I hope I am providing a little entertainment for you and that you are able to learn a little more about this wonderful country and it's people from the Blog.

Edit: It is now March 19, 2008 and 3,030 people have read the Blog! Whoever would have thunk!

Edit again: July 17, 2008 and the count is over 7,900. Unbelievable!

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