Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Expenses in Mexico

I just did a quick comparison between our expenses for the months of December and January last year when we were in Arizona with the same months this year in Mexico. It is quite startling! We are spending about $1000 per month LESS in Mexico. We are exploring more, eating out more and we also had our son and his partner here for two weeks and did a lot with them. I will have to do a more in-depth study of our expenses but the bottom line is clear. For us, Wintering in Mexico costs about $1000 per month less than Wintering in Arizona. As a bonus, I do not have to be careful to avoid offending my neighbours who may like Bush. (Apologies to my American friends who may like Bush...)

C AVIATE: In my excitement in discovering such a savings I probably published this a little early. I did not take into consideration the increased value of the Canadian Dollar in my calculations. The dollar was worth quite a bit less last year. As I recall it was around $.85 USA. This would reduce my figures by about 15%. This would translate into a true savings of $800 or $850 per month which is still a considerable amount.

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  1. Croft:
    Are you driving a diesel unit?
    I started reading your blog after I found it on George and Tioga site. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
    I am retired Teamster and Union believer.
    Eli Torres