Friday, January 4, 2008

My Exhaust Manifold

I am finally getting the exhaust manifold looked at today. Most of the way down from Canada there was a periodic bad smell in the cab that was hard to identify but very pungent. At first I thought it was a raw fuel smell and took it into a GMC dealership in California and they could not find any problem. It started to smell again shortly after but we just lived with it.

At Celestino a retired mechanic looked at it and thought it was a leaking exhaust manifold but he was too crippled up to do much more. In Mazatlan I found a "Taller Mechanico", the owner of which was educated in Denver and who spoke perfect English. He came this morning and looked at it, agreeing with the exhaust manifold diagnosis. He said they could take it off right here in the park, have it machined and replace it complete with a new gasket. The only problem, he warned, would be if any of the bolts broke off when they remove them. In that case, the motorhome would have to be towed into their shop and have the engine taken out for repairs. Big Problemo! A little while ago a Spanish speaking mechanic showed up to remove the manifold He soaked all the bolts with WD40 and then left for two hours to have lunch.

If worse comes to worse, we were planing on leaving the motorhome in Mazatlan and driving the car to Durango for a few nights in a hotel. We will do that if the motorhome has to go into the shop. One thing is for sure. The problem has to be fixed and it will cost much less to have it fixed in Mexico.

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  1. Hi Guys;
    Enjoying your blog. Nice job. Almost as good as being there. Sorry hear all your troubles with the motorhome. But you have been pretty lucky so far. Hope your good luck continues with the manifold.