Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mazatlan Cliff Diver

This diver performs along the Malecon several times a day. He climbs up and stands there with one arm raised. This is the signal for his partners to start working the crowd for money. They tell you how dangerous the dive is and that there is only five feet of water under him. I do not doubt the danger as he has to time the wave perfectly, clear the cliff and land just as the wave below him peaks. However, the people collecting money show you great wads of US bills and offer you change from a hand full of twenties and fifties. I said to him, "Amigo, I have been in Mexico too long to pay that much!", and gave him $20 Pesos ($2 CAN) which he quickly shoved into his pocket before others might see.

When they have milked the crowd for all their spare tens and twenties they give the diver the sign and he raises the other arm and dives. As the crowd dispurses they are again milked by the divers partners just in case they missed anyone. It is a good show but the Malecon is not the "real" Mexico.
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  1. Hi Croft and Norma, Happy New Year to you! I have been to Mazatlan a few times and enjoyed it very much. Last year I went to Melaque Mexico (1 hour from Manzanillo), south of P.V. for Jan. and Feb. 07. I will be there from Feb. 5th to March 5th, 08. If you get that far south you can look me up at Bigotes (on the beach). Happy hour at Bigotes is from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Ya gotta love that!!! Your blog is just great and I see you have mastered adding pics. Rusty was sending me your emails so now it is nice to just pop into your blog when I have a few minutes and have a read. Safe travels..Marj Bottrell (Janes)