Sunday, January 6, 2008

Venados Baseball Game

Tonight my brother Gordon, my niece Robin, her partner George, their neighbour Gord and I went to the final game of the semi-finals of the Winter Baseball season. The Mazatlan Venados were playing the team from Guasave. It was an exciting game and it was very interesting to observe the differences between Mexican Baseball and the North American version.

There does not seem to be an Infield Fly Rule in effect and not one batter was purposely put on base with intentional balls by either team. They just played ball. All the players seemed eager to sign as many baseballs, hats and shirts as the crowd was able to get to them. Mazatlan eventually won the game 2-1, taking them on to the next series. The winners of this League eventually end up playing in the Caribbean World Series, which Mazatlan won in (I believe) 2002! The score should have been 2-0 but a Venados fielder forgot there was a runner on second and did not throw home after he caught the ball!

Prices are much more reasonable than we are used to. The best seats in the house are only $125 Pesos ($12 CAN), beer delivered to your seat is $15 Pesos ($1.45 CAN) and parking at the stadium is $10 Pesos ($.95 CAN). An official Venados t-shirt was $120 Pesos ($11 CAN).

At the end of the game all the kids are allowed to swarm onto the field to congratulate their favorite players and meet the Mascot, the Deer ("Venados" translates to "Deer"). It was a lot of fun as everyone brings their kids and there is much dancing and singing by the crowd throughout the game. Their excitment is contaigous even though we could not understand the excited commentary over the loudspeakers.
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