Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday I went to a local Dentist here in Mazatlan for a long overdue cleaning. Dr. Francisco Gavito did a thorough half hour cleaning using the latest ultrasonic equipment and also took an X-Ray of an area that he was concerned about. It turned out to be a piece of taco chip that had gotten stuck between the tooth and gum and had become slightly infected! Ouch! Before I left he talked to me about my teeth and gave me a handful of cleaning supplies to take with me. The total bill? $500 Pesos ($45 CAN), much less than it would have cost in Canada. Dr. Gavito speaks excellent English that he, like many Mexicans, taught himself by watching American TV when he was young. I highly recommend him.

Here is Dr. Gavito's web site: http://www.drfranciscogavito.com/

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