Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tire Repair!

Last night I got a flat tire. I changed it to the "donut" spare and took the tire in for repair this morning. Tire shops are called Llantera here in Mexico. We found a Llantera (Continental Tire) close by in the Gigante grocery store mall. When I rolled the tire in the repairman stopped working on the brake job he was doing and started on my repair immediately. He marked where the weight was, took the tire off the rim, repaired the hole (I had run over a self tapping screw), put the tire back on the rim and mounted it on the car. When I asked for the bill ("la cuenta, por favor") it was $35 Pesos ($3.45 CAN)! When he told me the amount I thought I did not understand him because it was too cheap. He wrote the number down and that is what it was! I looked at him and shrugged "Is that all?" He nodded and repeated the amount so I paid it and gave him a small tip. I was in and out in under 20 minutes. All the equipment was very modern and their shop and uniforms were spotless. He washed and dried the "donut" for me and scrubbed his hands before taking my money.

Some things are very expensive in Mexico. Our neighbour here in the park is trying to replace a small digital camera and one that he can get for $200 in the States is well over $300 here. Other things, like labour, are very cheap. Once again, I have to admire the work ethic in Mexico. Everyone works and works hard! No matter how menial their job, they are very proud of the work they do. It is very humbling to travel down here.

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