Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Tioga and George"

I finally got to meet George of the famous "Tioga and George" Internet Blog. He is a very interesting single man who travels in an older but nicely fixed up Class C Tioga motorhome much like ours and chooses to keep his costs down by "boondocking" whenever he can. He posted a photo of himself parked on the Malecon on his website and since I had a dentist appointment downtown anyway I went down early to meet him. Unfortunatly, by the time I got there he had left. Later on we were driving home with Brooks and Linda from Robin's condo and saw him parked on the beach almost right across from our RV Park! We knocked on his door and had a nice visit. He was parked on a lot that was being developed into condos and after we talked for a half hour or so, a man came to the door to tell him he had to move. George said it was the first time he had ever been kicked out of a boondocking site in Mexico! The guy who kicked him out was an American representing an American developer so that may explain it. Mexicans are much friendlier and willing to share as you will discover if you have a look at George's Blog. George took a photo of us and graciously gave me permission to use it here. You can see George's Blog at: http://vagabonders-supreme.net/blog/blog.html You can read Georges mention of our visit at: http://vagabonders-supreme.blogspot.com/2008/01/730am-malecn-de-mazatln.html

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