Friday, January 25, 2008

Working On Travel Plans

I am getting itchy feet! We have been in Mazatlan almost six weeks now and although we have enjoyed the visits from our family in Canada who have been coming down, it is time to start working on our next adventures!

On February 1 we will head South once again and are planning on leaving the motorhome in Tepic and driving the car to Puerto Vallarta for a few days in a beach front hotel. After that we will pick the motorhome up and head to Guadalajara and San Meguel areas. There is much to see there as well as an RV Park with Hot Springs to stay in. As we move inland it becomes less crowded, cheaper and more interesting in terms of history and scenery.

After visiting this area we will start investigating a route up the interior of Mexico to Texas where, assuming the Canadian Dollar is still worth a dollar, we will look for a newer motorhome.

Stay tuned as I will do a lot more posting as we start moving.

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