Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Error In Translation

Les and I drove downtown to pick up five tickets for the Mazatlan Venados baseball game tonight and discovered that there is no game tonight! Tonight they play in the other city, Los Nochis, and then come home to end the series at home. If they win Saturday as expected then the final game is on Sunday and that is the game we got tickets for! Unfortunately, Les will not be here as he is leaving tomorrow to continue his adventure but my brother will be flying in on Saturday and will go to the game with us.

Amazingly, tickets for the best available seats were only $95 Pesos ($9.00 CAN)! This is the finals of the Mexican equivalent of the World Series and the best (sold out) seats in the stadium are only $125 Pesos or $12 CAN! We will be in the second section behind first base. My favorite seats for any game as this is where most of the action takes place. I am looking forward to the game and will be sporting a brand new Venados shirt. Life is good!

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