Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was spent with my niece, Robin and George. They invited Norma and I along with our friend Les to their condo for the evening. Their neighbor, Gord from Phoenix was also there and it was a fun evening of pleasant conversation, jokes, tons of food, a couple of drinks and great music filtering through the door from George's Harley Davidson's radio.

It is a Mexican tradition to fire guns into the air at midnight so you do not want to be walking around outside in case one of the bullets decides to fall back to earth onto your head!

We got up at around nine and drove back to Robin and George's to pick up whatever was left last night. George met us with a perfectly mixed Caesar that actually did help my slight hangover. After organizing the purchase of tickets for tomorrow night's Mazatlan Venados baseball game, Norma and I went back to the RV for a day of rest, TV and starting my Blog.

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