Friday, January 18, 2008

Mazatlan Aquarium

Our son Brooks and his partner Linda have arrived in Mazatlan! It is great to see them, we have been gone a ling time. They just returned from a trip to Cuba and had a very good head start on their tans! It is Linda's first trip to Mexico and we have been having fun playing the old travel pros and showing them around. Today we went to the Acuario Mazatlan (Aquarium). It is a great place to see and was made much more fun by three classes of children who happened to be there at the same time. Mexican children are so pleasant to be around. They are well behaved, clean, polite and in great awe of us forigners! The little girl in the pink spent more time watching us than watching the show.

After visiting the Aquarium and a making a short visit to Sam's Club to replentish the Pacifico supply, we joined my brother Gordon, my niece Robin, her partner George and their neighbour Gord for dinner and to see my brother off. He will be catching the plane tomorrow to take him back to snow shoveling duties in Edmonton. He had been here two weeks and the time has flown by.

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