Monday, December 22, 2008

Explaining Snow

Fellow Blogger CancunCanuck was trying to explain photos of Canada's snow to her small son, Max, who was born in Mexico and who has never seen the stuff up close. Their exchange went like this (I am quoting from her Blog):

"Why did the car have an accident?".
"Because it was very slippery on the road and he couldn't stop."
"Like at the pool?".
"Yes Max, just like the deck of the pool. Except it's minus a bazillion degrees and when you fall you get wet and cold and the odds are you'll land on a big $%@$#5 chunk of ice and bruise your a$$ for a week".

"Why are they wearing those clothes?"
"Because it's REALLY cold Max."
"Like in the movies?"
"Yes, just like the over air conditioned movie theaters Max, exactly the same. Except your $%@$# nose could freeze off."

"Why is he putting salt on the road?"
"To make the ice go away and make the roads less slippery."
"Salt is good."
"Yes, salt is our friend. Especially on the rim of a fishbowl sized Margarita."


  1. Lmfao! That was way too funny. I can see the kid's eyes growing to the size of dinner plates at the horror! Thanks for the chuckle!

  2. It is really funny to see the little kids down here dressed in down parkas with the hoods tied so tight only their eyes can be seen. Snowmobile boots and mitts are not unusual either.

    All this when the temperature drops to unbelievable lows of 70 to 72!