Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plans Are Made To Be Changed

Like the Mayan Calendar our plans require periodic corrections. We have decided to stay in this RV Park outside of Cuernavaca for another two weeks, taking us through Christmas. We have made this decision for a number of reasons. One, as we move South, RV Parks start having fewer and fewer services. Two, Norma wants to be somewhere "nice" for Christmas where we can go out for a nice dinner. Three, this park has WIFI and the owner speaks very good English. It is unfortunate that this is an issue as it is our responsibility to learn to communicate with the local people, not the other way around. Having said that it is so nice to be able to ask questions and, more importantly, to fully understand the answers we are given. We have been offered the site for $200 Pesos per day for two weeks. This includes full hookups, "real" 30 Amp electric and a pool. Oh, did I mention Four, The temperature here in Curenavaca is always 80 degrees!

There is much to see around here and we have just scratched the surface of it. We have seen one Pyramid but there are more. Also, the area where the peasant leader Emiliano Zapata (1879 - 1919) was born, lived and died is within an hour or two's drive from here and I would really like to see that. Zapata's image stirs the revolutionary genes in my body.



Zapata with Pancho Villa

We have also met Hector, a very friendly Mexican gentleman who came to park his new travel trailer next to us here. We have hit it off with him and he has invited us to visit his home near Cuautla, an hour's drive away. He is a young, semi-retired professional who speaks better English than me and has travelled the world. We would like to meet his family.

We have been moving quite constantly since we entered Mexico and it is time to stop and smell the bougainvilleas. I will try to keep you entertained with this local area. Stay tuned!

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