Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Sunset In Melaque

Tomorrow we leave this little piece of Paradise and head for the next. We are heading past the coffee growing area of the State of Colima towards Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas. I don’t know if we will make it that far tomorrow or not as there is some beautiful country in between and we don’t have to be anywhere until May. We may spend the night at a Pemex station and carry on the next day.

As usual we are not making any long term plans but just making the itinerary up as we go. We would like to leave the motorhome at the coast and take the car to Patzcuaro and Morelia for a few days in a hotel. Both these are on my list of places I want to see and as a bonus, a fellow Blogger lives near Patzcuaro and we might get a chance for a cup of coffee with him. These plans are just “penciled in” and we will fine tune them as we go. In any case, adventure is just around the next corner. In the meantime, this is tonight’s sunset, photo taken right behind the motorhome.


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