Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laptop Problems!

The screen on my laptop has suddenly gone very dim to the point where I can hardly read it during the day. This is disastrous for me! It has been acting up for several weeks but until now I could "fix" it by flicking the edge of the screen with my finger. This unscientific method of repair no longer works and it just stays dim. I suspect the LCD inverter but a close inspection of the inverter does not show any obvious problems like loose connections.

Replacing the laptop in Mexico is not really an option as prices of electronics is twice as much as in Canada and about three times as much as in the USA. Also, the version of Windows pre-loaded onto computers here is, of course, in Spanish.

I think I will have to look at purchasing a small LCD monitor to plug into it to get me by until we get back to the USA. Thankfully there is a WalMart and a Sams Club here in Cuernavaca that are having "Boxing Day Sales". I just checked my favorite website and 16" monitors are as low as $89 in Canada. It will be interesting to see what they are here... This is not the perfect solution because of the desktop space it takes up but I have no choice. I now work on a small TV table beside the couch and the new setup will take too much space for that.

Edit* I may have to take that back. A Mexican friend just told me that it is now possible to buy computer equipment in Mexico at near USA prices. Tomorrow will be the trip to Sams Club.

In the meantime, please excuse any spelling mistakes as it is very hard to see the screen as I type and the SpellCheck suggestions are quite invisible.


  1. Croft, if you don't find a suitable solution at Sam's today, shoot me a note, and I'll ask on MexConnect if anyone knows of a computer service person in Cuer. that they'd recommend. I can't even imagine being without my computer...


  2. Thanks Lee, I bought one at Sams Club today!