Monday, December 1, 2008

I Could Live In Manzanillo

If I had to pick a city on the West Coast of Mexico to live in it just could be Manzanillo in the Mexican State of Colima. It is big enough to warrant a WalMart and Sorriano (higher quality grocery store) but small enough to still fit my definition of  “Mexico”. It is very clean, the main language is Spanish and it does not (yet) cost an arm and a leg. It has beautiful surfing beaches and tons of small, reasonably priced  restaurants on these beaches. It has an airport but it does not have the hustle and bustle and constant beeping horns of Mazatlan nor the annoying condo salesmen of Puerto Vallarta. It’s beaches are better than both of the above.

Here is the beach viewed from the restaurant we had breakfast in. Perfectly poached eggs, beans, fried potatoes, toast and jam for $40 Pesos. No charge for the view.




The Malecon and a 1940’s hotel on the Malecon




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