Saturday, December 13, 2008

Young People (Compared to Us) Visit

For our last night in Patzcuaro we shared our RV Park with two young couples. One couple, Tom and Laurel and their two charming kids were from Bellingham, WA. They have been living in Guanajuato, MX for the past few months. They took a leave of absence from their teaching jobs to learn Spanish. The other couple, Brit and (old timers disease here – I forgot her name!) were from Asheville, NC and were passing through Patzcuaro heading for the beach on a surfing honeymoon. We shared a couple of beers and snacks with them. They were all very nice people, and the kids were two of the nicest I have met. Sorry Jayde and Sierrah, excluding my granddaughters!.

We then went to bed tucked under our multiple blankets. It got very cold that night but not as bad as the next night when my friend Michael reported on his Blob that his birdbath had frozen into a block of ice! Very unusual for this far South. I am happy to be leaving this weather.

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