Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishes On A Christmas Eve!

Feliz Navidad

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or, as they say here, Feliz Navidad! We spent part of yesterday afternoon putting lights on the two trees that live beside our space here in Cuernavaca. They twinkled away last night hopefully reminding Santa that we are here this Christmas and not at home. I am sure the Jolly Old Guy keeps careful track of such things but it never hurts to remind him.

The Mexican tradition is to have Christmas Dinner late on Christmas Eve and we will be joining in that tradition. We will be sharing dinner with a very nice Mexican family next door who have befriended these Canadian Nomads. They will be a family of nine by evening so there will be eleven of us sharing dinner on an assortment of picnic tables outside our motorhome. It will be fun and the most important ingredient of a successful Christmas, children, will be present!

Thank you all for reading my Blog and sharing our adventures. Thanks to those who have left comments on the Blog and if you have not yet left comments, please do! I like getting them as it reassures me that I am not talking into the void… It has been fun putting my thoughts into words and this greatly enhances the experience for me.


  1. Feliz Navidad, mi amigos!

    I wish you a bright and cheery Christmas, filled with good friends, good food, and good spirits (including the liquid kind)!



  2. I have been reading your blog since last year and fine it very enjoyable. My wife and have just begun our full timing adventure and perhaps our paths will cross sometime in the future. Merry Christmas, Jesse Ginger and the boyz

  3. Croft,

    Really enjoy reading your blog.
    Best Wishes,

    A.C. (Local 1)