Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Friends

We have met a family here in Mexico. We met Hector when he arrived at the park to bring his new travel trailer. We became friendly with him and he asked us to go to his town to meet his family. We went yesterday and had a blast. They took us to their daughters School Christmas Pageant (pastorela) and it was a memorable experience! The daughter sang and the kids put on a wonderful play involving Cowboys, Devils and Angels! It was very Mexican. There was lots of action and singing and some of it was even in English! I have said before how much I like Mexican children and I was in my glory here. We had dinner at their house and spent the night there. I know it is a great privilege to be invited to a home here in Mexico and the gesture was greatly appreciated. We will see more of this wonderful family when they come here to the park.

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