Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Honest Man

We took a drive around the Lago de Patzcuaro today. In the town of Quiroga we stopped to look around the market. I stopped a man wheeling a fridge dolly loaded with hand made leather belts and had a look. I eventually bought one of his beautiful belts but while I was looking and trying them on for size I hung my Nikon D70s over the back of a handy park bench. After I had paid him for the belt and we wandered off to read the menu of a nearby restaurant and started window shopping when I suddenly realized I did not have my camera! I rushed back to the bench and there was both the camera and the belt salesman. He had seen what I had done and stayed with it knowing I would return. I thanked him profusely and he simply told me that there was no problem, it would have been safe there.  Only in Mexico could you leave a $1000 camera on a bench and come back ten minutes later to find it guarded by a complete stranger. Here he is:


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