Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mexican Children

The subject of Mexican children requires at least one post all of it’s own. Mexican children are as different from “North American” children as you can get. The one thing you notice is the smile which is ready at the slightest invitation. A huge smile complete with sparkling eyes is just a glance or a wink away.

I have never seen a child scream, throw a tantrum or even cry for no reason in Mexico. That is a bold statement but it is true! They are taken to restaurants where they sit quietly and eat everything put in front of them. Any momentary pushing or teasing of a sibling is stopped immediately with a look or a whisper from a parent. I have never seen a child yelled at, spanked or even threatened with a spanking in Mexico. Mexican people simply know how to take care of their children.

One other thing you seldom see up North is a child being cared for in public by an older brother or sister. When families go to the square or to a picnic the older siblings take their turn looking after the little ones. It is not at all unusual to see a young couple out on a date with a young brother or sister along. You see it all over and the young one is included in everything and is never treated as a “third wheel”. The three of them simply walk down the street hand in hand as if they belonged together which they obviously do.

I have to start taking more photos of children. I hesitate to do so as I am never quite sure of the parent’s reaction or of someone’s interpretation of my motives. I also hesitate to ask as I am not that fluent in Spanish and if a question is asked of me, I would probably be unable to answer. There are stories around that Mexican parents have heard that some visitors from the north are there to “steal” children. I don’t think this has ever happened but that would not stop the fear. Most of the photos I have taken have been asked for by the subjects. Like this one in Lo de Marcos:

I do not know who the young one was attached to as both of the dating couples treated her as if she belonged with them. When she tried to stay out of the photo, the two older boys pulled her in.

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  1. Hi Croft....that was a very heart-warming post today. Teresa and I love being around families and children, and look forward to being good ambassadors from Canada, just like you and Norma are!! PS. I just heard our forecast for Regina is minus 20 celcius tonite....dang !! Take care and have safe travels.