Monday, December 1, 2008

Internet In Mexico

Some RV Parks in Mexico have WIFI available right at your space but most do not. In these, like the one we are in now, you have to take your computer to the area that their router covers. In this case, close to the office. They have a couple of tables set up in the shade up for the use of their customers, of which there are usually three or four using it at a time.

In a few places last year, there was no Internet at the RV Park at all and in these cases we had to go and find some coverage. There are Internet Cafes where they usually charge around ten Pesos ($1) an hour to use their services. Other times you simply find a hotel restaurant that has access to the hotel’s WIFI and for the price of a cup of coffee, you can surf and email to your heart’s content. Sometimes the waiters know there is Internet available and other times they do not. I do not think many Mexicans have computers or access to the Internet. It is simply not all that important to them.

If  you do not have access right at your RV it is nice to have the ability to compose a post before you go to wherever you have to go to get onto the Web. I use Windows Live Writer, a free program from Microsoft (yes, I know…) that integrates perfectly with Blogger. I can prepare all my posts, complete with photos, and post them later. It is very convenient. I now have four posts ready to upload. Keep reading….

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