Saturday, March 19, 2011


I don't have an accent, do you have an accent?

This morning we crossed into South Carolina and pulled into a Waffle House for breakfast. The conversation between Norma and the Waitress went something like this:

W: Good morning, have you decided?
N: Good morning, yes, I will have poached eggs
W: What would you like with them?
N: Bacon, hash browns and white toast
W: You want bacon with your pork chops?
N: I don't want pork chops
W: Then just bacon and toast?
N: With my poached eggs
W: So you want pork chops!

I guess British Columbian for poached eggs sounds like South Carolinian for pork chops......

It turned out the waitress had never heard of poached eggs, hence the confusion. We tried to explain how to poach a pork chop when she gave up trying to understand our accent and asked the cook if he knew how to poach an egg. Turned out he did and they were perfect.

Reminds me of  Who's On First?

I think I am going to like South Carolina!

Charleston, SC

We pulled into the Oak Plantation RV Park and checked in. I read on Laurie and Odel's Blog that they liked it here so that was a good enough recommendation for us. Both Laurie and the Trailer Life guide said it would be $31 per night. This would normally make me wince a little but after the $60 per night in Savannah, it sounded cheap. We checked in and the woman asked if I wanted full hookup or only electric and water. I asked what the difference would be and she said, "Full hookup is $31 and water and electric only is $26." Well, that is $15 savings over the three days we will be here and there is a dump station on the way out. It was a no brainer (which comes natural to me).

It is a beautiful park with huge showers with lots of grass and oak trees for shade. It is about five miles from Charleston where we were going to go tonight to check it out but we were both tired and decided to stay around the park tonight and watch TV.

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  1. I shall pass that way this fall what are they going to do with my British drawl!!!!! safe and happy trvaels...Les