Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain Today

We woke up to rain this morning that quit by breakfast time. After breakfast we had a swim and sat by the pool for an hour or so until the rain started again, this time with thunder and lightening. We watched TV and napped until dinner time. A lazy day but tomorrow we are heading to Key West for the day, rain or shine.



  1. Hi Croft & Norma,
    I have set up a blog and would appreciate your comments and help in this venture. The link for the blog is:

    Sorry it rained on your first day in the Keys. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better for your trip into Key West.

    Have fun,

    Paul & Dodie

  2. I was sympathetic about the rain until you mentioned that you were able to go swimming. :)

  3. I can handle rain in 80 degree weather!