Thursday, March 31, 2011

Memphis To Little Rock

We pulled out at about 11:30 today. It was a short 140 mile drive so we tested the check out time policy. It was no problem. The woman who owns the Mississippi River RV Park is a War Bride from France by the name of Hugette (silent "H"). She speaks "Southern" with a French accent and is always willing to talk which Norma took full advantage of because she likes to talk as well!

We headed out on USA 55 into Arkansas and found Highway 70 heading to Little Rock. 70 follows and stays right beside I-40 but goes through the small town which are far more interesting than the Interstate exit signs. In any case I have a problem with I-40 as it was the highway built to replace Route 66!

We stopped at a Waffle House for a very late breakfast. We always enjoy Waffle House as the staff is always bantering back and forth. We got two breakfasts for $10.80.

The GPS sent us on a wild goose chase finding the Downtown Riverside RV Park as I had entered Little Rock instead of North Little Rock. We finally found the place and bought a Passport America site for under $10 per night! It is right on the river and downtown (as the name suggests).  The Passport sites have 50 amp power and water but no sewer. This is not a problem as there is a dump on the way out and we are only staying two or three nights. The digital TV brings in about 25 channels and my Virgin Broadband works well. It is raining but is supposed to be better tomorrow. Life is Good!

Here is Little Rock. Our RV Park is beside the arched bridge on the right of the photo. Imagine rain.

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