Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On To Atlanta!

We headed out towards Atlanta this morning on the back roads of South Carolina. It was a wonderful trip, far off the Interstates. We stopped at a little roadside restaurant for lunch. It was a converted gas station with no windows and an ambiguous sign out front making it look more like a grocery store than a lunch counter. the giveaway was a sign advertising "Lunch Specials". It was run by a man and wife team with him taking orders and her cooking. Norma had pork chops and I had catfish. Everything was delicious and very reasonable. The gentleman was interested in where we lived and how we were able to leave for six months. A great couple. We were almost the only white people we saw in this whole area today!

Augusta, Georgia

We left the secondary road and joined I-20 at Augusta, Georgia. I would love to have had more time to explore this old city but we had a goal for the day and did not stop. Augusta is the birthplace of The Godfather of Soul, James Brown and the city is very proud of it’s son!
We stopped for the night about 35 miles short of Atlanta at a Walmart that had no signs saying we could not park. We asked the greeter and she sent us to the "manager" who said they did not like it because some large vehicles had run over their rock garden. We assured him we were harmless but he said his policy was to say "no" but he then said that he goes home at 8:00 (wink, wink). Kind of silly but we took that to mean we could stay so we are.

Georgia Haircut!

There is a hair cutting place in the Walmart so I went for a hair cut. She asked how short I wanted it and I gave her my standard, "quite short. I like it so I hardly have to comb it". Well, I will not have to comb this one for several weeks! It is not shaved but pretty close to it! It is about 1/2 inch at the longest places! It does feel good though and if it gets hot on the way home, I will appreciate it.


We will head towards Memphis tomorrow with a visit to Graceland. I usually object to spending $30 each for tickets to attractions but after-all, it is Graceland!


  1. I missed the boat, I think. If you are still in Atlanta, you're welcome to park in my driveway.

    My daughter went to school in Charleston so I've spent a lot of time there, and much prefer it to Savannah. I've been back there almost every year in March and October.

    I'm new to your blog, but I have enjoyed reading so far-your love of backroads intrigues me. I took them out west and back.

    Oh, I went to Graceland, but didn't go in. Funny story involving my pup. I enjoyed my stay at Tom Sawyer watching the barges.

    Happy travels. Keep my driveway in mind if you are staying in Atlanta. I'm north of the city.

  2. Thanks hobopals but we did not stay over in Atlanta. We are running out of time so we have to use out remaining days as efficiently as we can so we decided to take a pass this year. It is a beautiful area around Atlanta and I wish we had more time!