Sunday, March 6, 2011

Florida Keys Hotel

We were warned! We knew it would be tough to find a room in the Keys this time of year. I spent some time searching all the regular spots;,,, etc. but could not find anything we wanted in our price range. Everything was over $250 or $300 per night and the ones in the below that range were poorly rated or in bad areas. We were ready to give up when Paul mentioned he knew of a very nice, reasonably priced hotel in Marathon. I called the Pelican Motel this morning and booked four nights starting Wednesday for $95 per night (plus tax). Marathon is about two thirds of the way down the Keys and only an hour from Key West where we will drive for one day.

We are going to see the Keys!!!

When we get back to the rig on Sunday we will start seriously plotting our return route. We have to be back in Campbell River in time to do our taxes and send them in before the end of April and we do not want to be rushed! We would like to visit the Savannah, Georgia area if the weather is cooperative and maybe a few other places. We will not be rushed but we will have to keep moving. I want to stop somewhere, maybe at our favorite dealership in Albuquerque, NM for servicing the Motorhome.

This has been a great finish to our winter even though the weather did not cooperate for the first few months. I am however looking forward to returning to Mexico next winter!

Map picture


  1. Do try to get to Savannah, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

    Be sure to get LOTS of pictures of the Keys!

  2. If you're coming to ABQ via I-40, look to your right just before the first exit for Moriarty and wave...that's where I live. :)