Friday, March 18, 2011

Paula Dean's

Paula Dean from The Food Network has a restaurant, the Lady And Two Sons, in Savannah. We did not think we had a chance at getting a reservation but we were surprised! The St. Patty's Day crowds tastes must be more into the bucket of beer and hot dog type fare.

The only way to reserve a table at Paula's is to show up at the door the same day. Telephone reservations are not taken. To reserve for lunch you are advised to be at the door no later that 9:30 am. We did not get there until 10:00 but still had our choice of 11:30 or 2:15 sittings. We chose 2:15.

We got there at 2:00 to register and promptly at 2:15 we were seated at a table on the third floor of the three floor restaurant. Prices for lunch are surprisingly reasonable for a restaurant with this reputation. There is a buffet for $12.50 but we chose to order off the menu. Norma ordered meatloaf and I ordered the roasted vegetable sandwich but the waiter told me the asparagus sandwich was much tastier so I ordered that. We also ordered the fried green tomato appetizer to share. The fried green tomatoes were delicious! I have only had these things twice in my life but I am going to start cooking them! They were five thick slices of green tomato dipped in tempura batter, fried and served with a mild onion garnish. Perfect!

My asparagus sandwich on Pumpernickel was good but the asparagus was slightly stringy with all the spears laid in the same direction so one half of the sandwich was all stalks and the other, all tender tips. I probably would have alternated them. The end result was that the one half was a little difficult to eat. No matter, it was worth the effort. Those round things beside the sandwich are french fries! They are red potatoes, sliced, battered lightly and fried. Norma liked the meatloaf so much she actually ate half of it, almost a record for her. She took the rest to go and it will be eaten tomorrow.

The bill for lunch (no wine) was under $30 and Norma will get at least one more meal out of it. I love Savannah!

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