Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yes, Now It Is Serious!

now it is serious

The ambush murder in Mexico of  US ICE agent Jaime Zapata has sparked the USA to demand an explanation from the Mexican Government.

The explanation is simple! Agent Zapata’s death is the direct result of the US’s lack of desire to deal with their own problems. The murder has reminded people in the USA of the drug battles being fought on their behalf along the Mexican side of the Rio Bravo. It is a war being fought with weapons purchased in the USA with the sole object of the war being the right to export drugs into the USA. This is a war that should be fought in the US but the Americans have conveniently and successfully exported this unsightly death and violence to Mexico where it does not interrupt the nightly news about important matters like Charlie Sheen.

The 50,000 Mexican deaths (so far and still counting) are the direct result of the lackadaisical attitude towards the illegal export of cases of weapons and bales of cash from the USA and the equally illegal importation of drugs into the USA. 

The agent was killed with a gun purchased in the USA and now people are shocked to find out the extent of this problem. The USA is doing nothing to stem this flow of cash and guns and the counter flow of drugs and is actually abetting the problem. States are passing laws left and right to make it easier to buy guns for export and the Federal Government is doing nothing to stop them. The USA is doing nothing to stem the flow of guns into Mexico while at the same time telling Mexico they have to stop the export of drugs from their country. The gun lobby rules!

USA, defend your own damn border! Bring home some troops and put them along the border. Stop and search every person and vehicle going into and coming out of Mexico. Fight your own “War on Drugs”! The Mexican people have given enough. It is your turn to deal with your own problem for a change.

The death of the DEA agent is unfortunate but contrast that death to the deaths of thousands of Mexican soldiers and law enforcement officers killed as a direct result of the USA inaction over the illegal export of guns.

Yes, it is now serious!


  1. Your synopsis was bang on, Croft!

    You can bet the bank if 50,000 Americans had been killed, this would be old news, and a lot of drug dealers would be dead.

    ~ Rob

  2. dang... i think you may be onto something...

  3. Your synopsis was bang on, Croft!

    You can bet the bank if 50,000 Americans had been killed, this would be old news, and a lot of drug dealers would be dead.

    ~ Rob

  4. Croft

    It is a one way crisis. The U.S. sees only the drugs and immigrants coming into the U.S. over the border. This gives them an excuse to pass the blame onto Mexico and, as you aptly put, ignore the flood of guns going into Mexico from the U.S. But, guns in the U.S. are sacrosanct and this includes guns of warfare. Gun manufacturers and the gun lobby take no responsibility for the problem.

    Further, so long as politicians and leaders in the U.S. continue to demonize the Mexican people and the immigration problem they provide the fuel for hostility. Rather than going to the source of the problem, the U.S. looks for a boogey man to blame and in this case they blame the Mexican people. Instead of going after the gun and drug runners they pass racist laws like the Arizona immigration law.

    Bill in NE

  5. You know my song and dance on this. How does 40 billion dollars worth of drugs make it across one of the strictest borders in the world into a country that touts the strongest military, latest technology, and all the money in the world?

    Not to mention the fact that 6,500 gun shops now make their home along the Arizona, New Mexico and Texas border.

    I smell a rat!