Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alberto Granado, Revolutionary

Alberto Granado, the motorcycle companion of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, has died in Cuba at the age of 88.

In 1951 Granado and his friend Che Guevara embarked from their home in Argentina on an epic motorcycle journey of South America where they saw first hand evidence of poverty and social injustice. This journey was the inspiration for the movie, “The Motorcycle Diaries”.

This experience started Che on his lifelong revolutionary journey. After moving to Cuba and fighting alongside Fidel Castro, Che invited his Argentinan friend Alberto Granado to move to Cuba.

Granado joined his friend and made a career of teaching biochemistry at the University of Havana. He died today at the age of 88, a true revolutionary.

Here is Granado with his friend, Che.


I just lucked out! The local Blockbuster Video is closing and they had a copy of The Motorcycle Dairies on sale for $9.95.

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