Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unpleasant Task

Today is one of the more unpleasant tasks of RVing. There is no sewer hookup right where we are parked at our friends and we have to back up and temporarily move over to the other side of their RV to reach the sewer. This means taking everything off the counters, putting in the slide and unhooking the water and electric. I also have to mark the location of the Starchoice so it can be put back in exactly the same place.

The "black" tank is not full but has developed a - shall we say - noticeable odor when we flush. It is in need of a cleaning! After all, it has been over two weeks in the sun and one week is my previous record between dumps! Norma was up at 7:00 getting things ready to move so I guess it is my time to do something as the job cannot be put off any longer. After a cup of coffee that is! Pepe Le Pew can wait for an hour!

1 comment:

  1. That has to be the hardest/stinkiest job in RVing for sure!!

    Have fun!!