Sunday, March 27, 2011

Canada Calls Election

The Tories just called a Canadian election! Here we go again, four elections in six years or something like that! Stupid! The Conservatives are tired of dealing with a minority Government and the rest of us (or at least me) loves a minority Government. Anyway, we have to vote about five days after we arrive home.

I will vote Socialist (NDP, the closest thing we have to Socialist) again like I have in every election since I was 19. Does not require a great deal of thought, I just have to brace for the party asking for money as soon as I get in calling distance.

I read somewhere recently that "Voting in Canada has become much like scraping your foot on the edge of a curb to get the dog shit off your shoe". This describes my feelings exactly! Maybe time to try a Benevolent Dictatorship!


  1. veysey.....Just wondering why you say 'the conservatives called an election'? Was it not the liberals & ndp's that voted non-confidence??Just wondering.

  2. The Conservatives DID call the election. Their option would have been to come up with a budget that was acceptable to the other parties. That is how Minority Governments should work. Everybody gets something.