Friday, March 25, 2011

I’ve Been Swiped!

My credit card was “Denied” three times in a row over the last two days so I called them today to see what’s up. They asked me if I had purchased $1000 worth of clothing at Macy’s San Francisco plus $300 worth of something in a “market” in San Francisco on Wednesday and I said “NO”! Well, someone has helped themselves to my credit card number and had a friend go shopping!

They noticed the extra purchases in a different geographical area and put a “hold” on the account. They have now cancelled my card and put a “disputed” note beside five charges from California. I will have to straighten it out when I get home. I called one of my other credit cards to make sure it was OK to use which it was, so we are home free!

I think I know what the problem is. When I buy gas, I cannot pay at the pump as Canadians do not have a 5 digit Zip Code so we have to leave our card with the cashier while we pump. Some unscrupulous minimum wage worker figured out a way to supplement his/her income by swiping my card an extra time or two.

Clarksdale, Mississippi

We are in Clarksdale and went to the Ground Zero Blues club to see what is going on tonight. The music starts at 9:00 and their limo is picking us up at 8:00 so we can get there in time for dinner. The limo is free so all we have to do is tip the driver! Good deal!

We are parked in the Clarksdale Fairgrounds RV Park. It is full hookup with 30 amp service and only $15 per night. There is a steel box where you put your money and space number. Almost free!


  1. So sorry to hear the trouble with your card. We have been successful with the numbers of our postal code and add 2 zeros and use that as a zip at the pump. If we cannot do that, one of us stays inside the gas station with an eagle eye on the card. Having worked in the industry, gas stations are the #1 trouble spot for cr card fraud.

  2. Oh yes - Donald just reminded me - if he is alone, he guesses at the dollar amount, have the attendant swipe for that and never ever leave the card with the attendant. If we have to stop again in the day for more fuel, so be it. We hope everything will be sorted out with your cr card company without too much hassle. If Vancity, they are usually pretty good.

  3. It doesn't just happend when you are travelling either.
    Mine was "compromised" at a local gas station here in Edmonton!

    They racked up a few charges before I noticed on my on-line account and the Visa people were kind enough to wipe them off for me.

    I guess it can happen anywhere. Thieves are getting smarter now, be careful out there!


  4. My experience has been that most gas stations are run by pond scum. I don't put anything past them.

    Sorry about your problem. Can you remember the name of the last gas station you were at-maybe give it to the CC company and let them put a watch on them.

    I'm thinking of getting a card JUST for gas so that I can track it. This is one good reason to have a credit card, not a debit card.

    My bank, Wells Fargo, tried to push a debit card on me recently; calling it an ATM card. I called and had them change my credit line on the debit portion to 0 because I want an ATM for emergencies.

    Again, sorry for your experience.

  5. Hi Croft. Sorry to hear of your credit card problems. Not sure if I told you this before but I use BMO Mastercard that allows you to submit a temporary address for the duration of your trip and I use a friends address in Idaho and had no gas pump issues using their zip code. I receive no paper communications from BMO so having a temporary address is no problem. I wish the Royal and other Canadian banks would do something similar.

  6. Croft,

    I never, ever, leave my credit card with the clerk. I only ever leave my driver's license. If a clerk argues, I point to the continuing theft of credit card numbers and they relent. I leave the license, fill up, return, get the license back then give the clerk my credit card. Only one time (while in Mesa, AZ) did a clerk refuse my license. I left and stopped at the next fuel station. No problem there!!!

    May well be worth a try.