Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leaving Lakeland

We pulled out of Lakeland, Florida this morning. It was hard to believe we had been there a full month but that is what it was! We were not actually there all that time as we had the four day cruise to the Bahamas and the side trip to the Keys that took a few days. It was sure nice to have a place to store the motorhome while we were gallivanting around. Normally we would have had to pay for an RV park to keep the rig and pay for hotels at the same time. Thanks Paul and Dodie!

Yesterday Norma and I were getting the motorhome ready to go when Paul came over to ask if I wanted to go for a boat ride on the lake! He had his jet boat in for a little work before he and his family took it down to the Keys and Donald, the owner of the shop, was going to take the boat out for a sea trial and had called to see if anyone wanted to come along.

Donald took the boat out first by himself to put it through it’s paces which included some high speed 360’s! He said he likes to stress boats more than the owner is likely to do to make sure it will perform to expectations. He then picked up Paul and I off the dock and Paul took the helm. We went for a nice cruise while Donald tried to goad Paul into some extreme manoeuvres, “What is the worse that can happen?”, he asked! I am glad to report that Paul kept to a sedate speed as I had an inkling of “the worse that could happen”!

Donald and I applying “ballast” to the front of the boat!

 Croft & Donald in Jet Boat

A beautiful day on the water!

Croft in Jet Boat


  1. Hope you & Norma had a good day on the road. We miss you already.


  2. We miss you here too! Isn't it nice to be popular?

  3. Nice photo pop.... You could be a Kennedy!!!

    LL xoxo

  4. Hi Linda! Get a load of the tan!