Friday, April 1, 2011

Homer’s Good Eats

Homer's is a Little Rock tradition and is recommended in all the travel guides for it's food. It is only open for breakfast and lunch and the books say it gets very busy. We called but they do not take reservations and we were told that they start running out of food by 1:00 and they close at 2:00 sharp. We were there at 11:30 hoping for breakfast but the lunch menus were out. The parking lot and restaurant were packed! There was one table available that we grabbed.

The waitresses are run off their feet and today both bathrooms were full of plumbers with wet/dry vacuums and power "snakes" trying to fix a major catastrophe with the waitresses yelling at them to hurry up! It was a madhouse. We ordered (catfish for me and chicken fried steak for Norma) and also ordered free sides of corn, cabbage, mashed potatoes and turnip greens. Our food was there in minutes and was plentiful and delicious. There was a lineup to sit and another lineup to pay at the cash register. I paid our $18 bill and we were on our way. I doubt if we were in there for more than a half hour. If you ever get to Little Rock, Arkansas, you have to find Homer's!
It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and Life Is Good in Little Rock, Arkansas! On to the Clinton Library!

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