Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bill Clinton Library

The Clinton library is in Little Rock and is the main reason we came this way. In my mind, Clinton is the best President the USA has ever had. He came in with a huge deficit of $290.4 billion left by Bush I and left office after his full eight years leaving a huge surplus of $236.4 billion. He is a highly intelligent person with the charisma to be the great President he was. I Miss Bill and bought the t-shirt that says just that.

The Library is very interesting. The admission is reasonable, $5 for seniors and we spent about three hours in it. here is a display for each year of his term from 1993 until 2000. One of the most interesting displays is the gifts he received from visiting Heads of State. Everything from a priceless Faberge Egg from The Soviet Union to a bowl from Canada that looked like a Blue Light Special from KMart (I’m sure it wasn’t). Also included with the gifts were a selection of five saxophones from five countries.

By law, any gifts given to the President belong to the people of the United states. This is too bad because nothing gets to be used. the saxophones in particular, could have found a great home with the Clintons.

clinton-libraryClinton Building smbill2

The Clinton Oval Office:


Norma getting her briefing in the Cabinet Room;


Didn’t Bill say to meet him in The Oval Office for burgers at one o’clock sharp?


Some of Bill Clinton’s accomplishments:



  1. I agree, Bill was a great President. I don't care what happened under his desk in the oval office, it's what happened on top of the desk that counts.


  2. Well said Croft and Paul.

    What this country doesn't recognize, which Clinton did, is exactly what Eisenhower warned us about in the "military industrial complex."

    Bush conducted a war off the books and even today we have not learned the lesson Eisenhower warned about. $550 million dollars later nothing has changed in Libya.

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya... think about how much money spent over there could have gone to infrastructure, health care, education, etc in this country.

    Bill in Nebr.

  3. So how were the burgers? :) I like that new haircut. Hi Norma!