Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hanging Around Pahrump

We are staying in Pahrump for a couple more days. We just needed a break from doing something every day and Terrible’s Lakeside RV Park fits the bill! It is a beautiful park, registering 10/10/10 on the Woodalls scale. Plus it is a Passport America park so we only pay $16 per night for full hookup. It has it’s own lake complete with tame ducks who spend most of their time at our door looking for a handout and crapping on the patio.

My fellow Blogger Don (Over The Hump!) dropped over yesterday for a coffee and a chat. It is always great to meet fellow Bloggers and once more the actual person turned out to be just as I expected him to be after reading his blog for years, a great guy. It was a pleasant visit!

Last night we had some neighbors over and then went to their spot later for a shared dinner. Life is Good!

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  1. We agree - tough 'sightseeing' every day - we are also taking a cleaning/easy day at Lake Mead NP. Nice to meet fellow bloggers!