Saturday, April 23, 2011

Made It Across!

We left the casino at about 10 and headed to Sequim ("Skwim") for breakfast. We found a great all day breakfast place there last year that had Crab Eggs Benedict but I passed this year because the price had gone up to $17, a little expensive for breakfast!

One quick stop at Walmart for a couple of things we forgot and then on to the ferry. Check-in time for reservations was 1:00 and we were there by ten to. It turned out we did not need reservations but there is no loss because they deducted the $17 fee from the fare.

On the Victoria side we showed our pile of receipts and tally list. We were only $50 over our $1500 allowance so it was no problem. He then asked about booze and I was again honest. I told him we were way over but all the bottles are partly empty and that we had two full  bottles of wine. He asked a couple of questions about it and was satisfied that we were not booze smugglers so after telling us about the disastrous gas spill into the salmon creek on the Malahat he waived us through and told us to have a good day! No search, no rubber hoses, no threats, just "have a good day".

We are at Brooks' and I installed the new TV in the front of the RV and Brooks helped me remove the outside stereo that ate CD's. It is a beautiful day here in Shawnigan Lake and we spent all day out in the sun. It is great to be back with our family and Linda's mom and dad are coming for the day tomorrow. Life is good!

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  1. Oh, yeah, that's fair. You declare that you're over your limits, and get waved through. I declare that I'm over my limits and get threatened with a full search. I can't wait to be your age! :-)

    Glad you made it back!