Saturday, April 2, 2011

Peabody Hotel Duck Walk

Every day at five o’clock there is a small ceremony in all the Peabody Hotels. A group of ducks in led out of the lobby fountain, along a red carpet, into the elevator and up to their own room. Really!

The story goes that way back when, the general manager of the Memphis Peabody Hotel was out duck hunting with a couple of friends. In those days duck hunters were allowed to use live decoys which is what they had. The hunt was not productive so the men imbibed a little too much while they waited by the pond. They finally headed back to the hotel to sleep it off and on their way through the lobby, either as a joke or for convenience, they tossed the live decoy ducks into the fountain. In the morning they found the ducks happily swimming around and also a large crowd which had gathered to watch them before they headed for the hotel coffee shop. They had found a way to attract a crowd and fill the coffee shop!

Now every day in all Peabody Hotels, a small group of ducks is led by the official “Duckmaster” down the elevator, along their own red carpet to the fountain and back up to their room every evening.

Today the ducks had an escort of young beauties who had gathered in the lobby to have photos taken for the Prom. Not all eyes were on the ducks…


And up the elevator. Note the duck heads looking out the bottom of the left side window!


Nothing to do with ducks, just one of the Prom Queens posing for photos:


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